Fairley is 11 Months!

Posted: January 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Fairley Anne,

You are just growing too quickly! (Well, your dad says you are growing perfectly!) Today you are less than one month away from being one year old. I’ll be honest – you and I had a moment today. You woke up early from your nap, but were still sleepy. I brought you into the living room and just rocked you back to sleep. I couldn’t bring you back to your crib, though. I just had to sit there holding you because too many of these moments have already slipped away, and I’m not sure how many more we’ll have left, so I’m savoring every single one!

Sitting in the living room rocking you while you slept this afternoon reminded me of one of the times I did just that when you were only a couple of weeks old. Remembering that special time brought a flood of memories from this past year. I wept with joy as I recalled all that God has allowed us to experience with you this past year. I also wept with a little sadness that you’re not going to be a baby for much longer. But your dad is right; we want you to grow up. We want you to develop and to learn and to explore and to enjoy life. So today I rocked. I rocked in silence and prayed. I talked to God and thanked him for you. I thanked him for every memory I’ve made with you. I also prayed for you. I prayed that you would come to know God and that you would be able to comprehend his amazing love for you displayed through Jesus. I prayed for wisdom to instruct and guide you. I prayed for your future. I prayed that I would continue to cherish you, but not more than I cherish God himself (because I struggle with having idols, and you could easily become one). Oh, my sweet Fairley Girl, how I love you. How I looked down at you today and could not even imagine what life would be like without you and thought how glad I am that you are a part of our family. You are truly a special little girl, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of your story holds. For now, let’s reminisce about this last month…

-Let’s start with one I forgot last month. You’ve started giving sweet pats. I guess we pat you a lot when we pick you up, so you’ve begun to return the favor. I love it so much!

-You’ve started to be able to blow kisses. You can make the motion, and you can make the sound, and we are working to put them together. You will give a “kiss” (with the sound) whenever asked or prompted to now.

-You’ve started talking a little more. Although some words sound the same (like “ball” and “bath”), you definitely show a distinction for when to use them. We’ve also heard you say “outside,” “puff,” “hot,” “hi,” “Piper/Pepper,” and maybe “thank you” and “cracker.” You also make a few animal sounds. You bark every time you see or hear a dog. I’ve also heard the sounds “quack,” “roar,” and “moo” on occasion.

-You’ve added a new sign – “milk.” You sign this every time you hear us say it, or you want it, or you see a jug of milk, or you see a cow. Smart girl!

-You are crawling more on all fours now, and you cruise around like a champ. We’ve tried to give you the courage to stand on your own, but you’re taking your time with this one.

-We visited Texas again this month making a record four times in four months! This time we celebrated a wedding in Austin and were able to meet lots of good friends for the first time!

-You continue to eat like it’s your job. You don’t turn down much, and now you’re totally in to finger foods. It’s so crazy to give you the same lunch that I give Emma these days, and to just sit back and watch you feed yourself!

-You are cutting a top tooth right now. Your dad is so excited that you will now have teeth that meet!

-Your sleeping schedule is about the same. You’re still an early riser. Your dad and I can’t help but wait until Daylight Savings Time ends…

-You’re in the middle of weaning and moving on to whole milk. You still nurse in the morning, we’re weaning you of your lunchtime feeding, and you drink whole milk before bed at night. You also know how to drink water out of a cup with a straw now!

-Some of your favorite songs are: “Herman the Worm,” “Five Little Monkeys,” and “Bye, Bye, Bye!”

Oh, Fairley Anne, you are our treasure and joy. We love you so much and are excited to start this last month of your first year!



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