Month Ten for Fairley Anne

Posted: December 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

Dear Fairley,

I think you have developed more this month than any of the past months! You are growing so much, and it’s so fun to see all that you learn each day! Here are some new developments from your tenth month:

·         You have learned to give kisses. You don’t always give them on demand, they are always open mouth and slobbery, and they are always the sweetest thing ever!

·         You learned to make the kiss sound to call the dog (Piper). You’re so good at mimicking these days!

·         You are a charmer. You LOVE to smile and wave. You must have waved at our neighbor on the plane a million times during the flight. Good thing she still thought you were cute every time! You also love to wave at people on the busses, on the subways, while we’re out on walks, at music performances, etc. It never ends! The other day I was wearing you and you reached out to the lady waiting next to me on the street corner. She then held your hand while we crossed the street.

·         New words we have heard you say are: bye-bye, up, dog, umm (for yum!), woof, Piper/Pepper, quack, block, wow, and maybe even GiGi and Big Dad!

·         You’ve also started to use sign language. You can say “more” and “all done.”

·         You learned to clap this month, and you are very good at it. It’s in your repertoire of tricks.

·         You’ve started to find the beat and baby bounce to music. So cute.

·         You played with a nativity scene this month, and you loved baby Jesus. You would find him every time and loved to carry him around. We pray that your fascination with and love for Jesus only continue to grow!

·         You are a master at peek-a-boo. You now know how to hide your own face and play back with us, which is so fun!

·         You still love to army crawl, but you are capable of crawling on all fours. (You are just faster when you are lower to the ground.) J

·         You love to eat! You are just like your mama – a (little) hangry pants when hungry and super happy when your tummy’s full! You have eaten everything we have given you, including some chicken tikka masala, which you loved. Tonight you loved chicken spaghetti because you could slurp the noodles into your mouth.

·         Your sleeping schedule is the same, but we’ve dropped a daytime feeding, so now you only nurse with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You definitely are getting more of your calories from solid foods now. During this trip to Texas, we have discovered you love ice cream. J

·         We’re spending the holidays in Texas right now, and you are enjoying time with all of your family and friends here!


Life with you is never dull, Fairley Anne! Thanks for making our life and adventure! We love you!!!



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