Hurricane Sandy: Update

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hi friends and family,

We just wanted to give you an update with this crazy storm. The Field family is safe and sound in our building, along with a few guests and long-term staff. We have taken all the necessary precautions and have the supplies that we would need if the storm causes  any loss of power or water. We are so thankful for your concern and prayers and ask that you continue to pray for the safety and protection of NY residents (and all those affected by this storm).

We’ll keep you posted with any new information.

With love,

The Field Family

  1. Joe Hernandez says:

    you guys keep safe!

  2. Maggie kelso says:

    Thank you for updating. Xox

  3. Michelle Askew says:

    Just when you thought a move off the Gulf Coast would ensure you wouldn’t have to worry about Hurricane season again, now it chases you to NY at Halloween no less. What a season! Praying for you and yours.

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