Mommy/Daughter Adventure Day with Gramma

Posted: October 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today E wasn’t able to come play with us, so it turned into what we like to call a Mommy/Daughter Adventure Day! (Daddy likes to encourage us to get out and try something in another part of the city on days like today, so we did!) Today, Gramma was able to join us! We all boarded the 2 train and headed out to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It was so refreshing!! We were able to see a plethora of beautiful plants, hear the birds chirp in the trees, watch the fish frolic through the water, and we let you put your toes in the grass. (You liked to try to eat it, but we stopped you when we could.) 🙂 We fed you your lunch on a picnic blanket, and then Mommy and Gramma went for a quick lunch and cup of coffee before it was time to get you back home! You fell asleep on the train but didn’t take a long nap. The first noise woke you up, but you were cheerful and continued to people watch and command the attention of other subway riders. It was a great day, and I loved getting to spend special time with you! Here are a few pictures to document our adventure.


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