Summer Stories – Summerville FBC

Posted: July 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

This summer has been an incredible whirlwind of the amazing things that God has been doing with mission teams here in the city.  Now that we have a short break in the action this week, I wanted to update you on some of the awesome stories we have gotten to hear from some of the churches we have worked with.
Here is one of the emails we got from Summerville FBC, located in Summerville, GA.

We had a wonderful experience in ministry with La Palabra and the various social ministries (Project FIND and Bowery Mission). There is a video with pictures of our trip on my godtube page Pastor Winston and a group from La Palabra came to minister here in Georgia last week. I pray that a true partnership has begun between La Palabra and Summerville First Baptist.

Below is the link to their video (MNYBA section starts around 5:29, worship and work at 5:48).

NY Mission Trip Video from on GodTube.

The work that they did here in the city was an amazing blessing to the churches and ministries that they worked with.  We are so thankful for their partnership, and for the their hearts to serve the city!

  1. george russ says:

    Awesome! On behalf of all the churches in mnyba thank you!

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