Fairley’s Second Month

Posted: April 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Fairley Anne,

Time sure does fly when you’re having fun, and boy, have we had fun with you this last month! We can’t believe that you are already two months old. You have already grown and changed so much. Here’s a rundown of our experiences with you this month:

  • Shortly after you turned one month (on March 23, to be exact), you gave us your first BIG smile. Daddy was holding you in the rocking chair, and you were holding your head up like you always do. Daddy looked down at you, and you gave him a HUGE grin and held it long enough that I had time to run across the room (ok, our apartment’s tiny, so it didn’t take THAT long) to see!
  • You went to your one month appointment and received your first shot. Dr. G. was extremely impressed by your ability to bounce back after such a major disturbance. She told me that you are such a happy baby, which I already knew! J
  • One day, we went through three different outfits before 11 AM. I’m so glad you have lots of people who love you and have given you a lot of clothes. It appears we’re going to need them.
  • You went to your first girls’ lunch this month with Kelcey (and sweet Hudson who endured all the girly chitchat), Sarah (who was expecting to meet Sophia any day after), and Denise (who we were so glad was able to slip away from work for lunch). We ate at Gina La Fornina’s, and you were so well-behaved. (Sucking on my finger as a make-shift pacifier seemed to help. You are so adaptable.)
  • Aunt Jackie came to visit this month, and we did lots of fun things together, but one of our favorites was taking you on your first trip to Tiffany’s. (These trips always just consist of window shopping…keep that in mind!)
  • We’ve been on a few very fun play dates this month – one with Hudson and Emma and another with Emma and Riley. I’m looking forward to the days when you can actually play at these play dates (although mom enjoys adult conversations with her sweet friends right now!)
  • You attended church for the first time on Easter, and you were dedicated at Apostles Church on April 15th. Both days were such a proud time for us, and we are praying that you will grow up with a desire to be a part of an active, gospel-centered community of faith.
  • You are such a city girl! This month you took your first cab ride, and you ventured into the NYC subway system with your mom. (Forget the part about the subway doors almost closing on us. We’re so grateful for that man who helped push them back open and saved us both.)
  • Here are some developmental milestones we’ve noticed:
    • You can now hold your head steady. (You’ve always been great at lifting it up.)
    • Your hair has gotten longer, or should I say “higher.” It still prefers to stick straight up rather than conform and lie down. Oh well! We love it!
    • You’ve found your thumb (although we keep trying to hide it from you. We’d love to stick to pacifiers which can more easily be taken away…)
    • You “talk” to us now. You love lying on your back while you kick and coo. You make the sweetest sounds I have ever heard!
    • You can entertain yourself. Sometimes I would put you down in your crib and think you were sleeping and then hear you talking over the monitor. You weren’t crying; you were content as can be just chatting away.
    • You’ve gone up a size in both diapers and clothes.  No more “newborn” garments for you!
    • You’re still eating on a three-hour schedule, but you’ve given me some indication that you might be up for a change soon, so we’ll see! You still follow a great eat-wake-sleep pattern, and your wake time has definitely increased!
    • You’re sleeping about 4-5 hours at night, usually waking up around 3 or 4 and then not again until 7.
    • You’ve grown a lot! You weighed almost ten pounds at your one month appointment, so I’m excited to see how much you’ve grown since then!

After month one, we were so smitten, and we didn’t think it could get any better, but it did! We’re excited for what God has in store for us all this next month. We love you, Fairley Anne Field!





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