Easter Egg Hunt and the Compassion of God

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

This week, I got to take part in an Easter Egg hunt with a church in the Bronx called Graffiti 2.  It is a plant out of my Dad’s church, and it was amazing to get to be part of it. A team of international student from Buffalo University stayed at the MNYBA and helped out so much!  It was such a huge event for the community, and I was blown away by the positive environment it created.  Families were all there together, taking joy in the games and activities.  There was an amazing gospel presentation put on by Bombin the clown (the kids loved him), and oh yes, the eggs.  Here is a video of what it looked like…..

I have been spending some time in Jeremiah, and I was struck by this verse in the light of Easter:

11 Therefore, thus says the Lord, Behold, I am bringing disaster upon them that they cannot escape. Though they cry to me, I will not listen to them.

Jeremiah 11:11

I thought about the fact that God has every right to have this response to us, in the face of our sin and our chasing after other things besides Him.  But, because of Christ, we have a God who listens and is compassionate when we cry out to him.  We have a God who has a plan to bring good to those who believe in Him.  We have a God who can be compassionate to our needs because Christ experienced everything that humans experience, and has compassion for us.  I love the story of Lazarus in John 11, where even though he knew that Lazarus would be raised from the dead, he wept.  He had compassion for the people around Him because of the pain they were facing, even though he knew that ultimately good would come out of it.  God using hard situations and pain to ultimately accomplish His goal does not make Him immune to compassion for us when it is hard.

I continue to be amazed at how my love for Fairley has shaped the way I view God’s love for us.  I think about how heart-broken I am when I know she is in pain, and I can only imagine how much more heart-broken God is when we are in pain.  Furthermore, I can only start to imagine the situations where I want to protect her, but there may be situations where the pain ultimately helps accomplish something that is good.  I continue to looks toward that compassion for us even in the hardest times.  But, with Fairley, if there were anything that would end her life, spiritually or physically, to the point of death, I would without a moment’s hesitation sacrifice myself for her.  I think that was the same way God loved us.

So, my take away from this Easter is that we can trust that God is compassionate, even in the hard times, but that he ultimately has a plan for our good.  But, we can take joy in the fact that we have a God that instead of letting us fall into permanent pain and sorrow, sacrificed Himself for us so that we could be reconciled with Him.  What an amazing God He is.

  1. Susan says:

    think of giving Fairley’s life up . . . for someone who is a self-described enemy to you. What God did (with his only son) is even more powerful. I couldn’t do it!

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