Saying “So Long…See Ya Later!”

Posted: July 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Last Sunday was an exciting and emotional day for us. Four of our closest friends, Leighton and Mandy Radtke, Tonya Wilkerson, and Leticia Mosqueda blessed us by putting together a going away party for us. This was such a special time for both Freeman and myself as we were able to visit with so many dear friends, many of whom were in from out of town. We were honored to be surrounded by loving and supportive friends – some of whom we see daily and others whom we hadn’t seen in awhile but were excited to reconnect with before our big move. We were also encouraged by their sweet words – both verbally expressed and handwritten for us to bring with us on our journey.

To everyone who was able to attend, we are so grateful for the support and encouragement you are already providing us. We are so blessed to have friends who understand the calling God has placed on our lives and who support us in our going, even though we all know it’s hard to be so far apart, We are grateful for the friendships that God has given us in Texas, we are hopeful for new friendships to form in NYC, and we are confident that all these friendships can span geographical distance when the need arises.

The Three Hostesses - Tonya, Leticia, and Mandy

Check out the photos from the party!

We also wanted to use this time to provide our new mailing address. We would love to hear from any of you!!

Candace and Freeman Field

236 West 72nd Street

New York, NY 10023

(No apartment number is necessary, and actually, it won’t make it to us if you try to put a number!) πŸ™‚

Finally, here’s our timeline for moving:

July 28 – Load the U-Haul

July 29 – Pull out of Austin and arrive in Nederland, TX (Candace’s hometown)

July 29-August 6 – Spend time with dear family and friends

August 7 – Pull out of Nederland

August 8 – Arrive in NYC!

  1. attyvette says:

    I did not know y’all were moving to NYC…we will be praying for y”all

  2. Susan says:

    ‘Just didn’t want to see that 0 in your comment box! Wanted to be the first!
    All of your relatives in NYC are SOOOOOO excited to have you up here! C’mon!
    We already have that Texas weather up here for you! πŸ™‚
    love, taylor and susan

  3. Anne Abernethy says:

    I’m so glad you have this blog site and I have really been blessed by reading what you have already posted about this move. I will pray for you to be empowered as you say good-bye to Texas and as you move to NYC and I will keep in touch by this media. What an adventure for you two in the Lord and how blessed Taylor and Susan are to have you in their beloved city…..God is just awesome, isn’t He! Loving you, Aunt Anne

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